Why the 12mm prime barrier?

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Re: MF with UWA

eques wrote:

Chris666666 wrote:

Manual focus is not an issue because of the massive depth of field with lenses this wide, even if you are unfamiliar with using manual lenses.

Depth of field is a theoretical construct of acceptable lack of sharpness.

I have a Samyang 7.5mm fisheye lens, and even on my 24 inch screen and f/5.6 it can be seen very well when my subject is out of focus.

The main problem is, that there is no hard stop at infinity and so it is easy to set focus beyond infinity without realising this in the EVF or LCD screen. So you have to use focus magnification to get a really sharp result.

I expect this will apply to the Laowa lenses as well.


The Laowa 7.5 can be focused past the infinity mark by a small amount before it hits the stop. I haven't experimented yet to find out whether that means it can overshoot to the point everything is soft. My assumption is the aperture scale and focus marks are sufficiently accurate for hyperfocal focusing. Need to figure that out too.



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