How did you find your style?

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Re: How did you find your style?

Birdstheword wrote:

Where I live (CA) there are a lot of photographers with the same warm, moody style. While I am drawn to it, I don’t want to just fall in line with what everyone else is doing.

Why not? Do what you love. One of my favorite styles of photography was inspired by a photographer named Scott Matyjaszek. A friend owned a several of his prints. He made a lot of junkyard photos that I loved, photos that concentrated on texture and color, and I began to emulate that style. Effectively, I started copying what he did -- but of course I had my own take, so my images had their own feel.

Scott has moved on to other subjects, but if you check out this gallery , you'll see some of those color and texture pics (cars and doors). (Be advised, some female nudity here. Don't look if you're scared of boobs.)

Now, if you go to my digital album on Flickr, you'll see photos of that same style. Maybe you'll think my pics are nothing like his; maybe you'll look at them and think I'm a copycat with no sense of originality. But they are pics I enjoy making, and everyone is individual, and that (to me) is what matters most.

Incidentally, I reached out to Scott a few months back and told him how much his work influenced me, and sent him a link to that same album of mine. He sent a lovely note back, and included a high-res JPG of a shot I hadn't seen, with permission to print for myself. How cool is that?

Anyway, that's a long-winded way of saying do what you like and don't worry about whether it looks to much like other people's work. You don't have to have your own style. Unless you're doing this for a living, you should enjoy making photographs. Do what is enjoyable!

I’m very drawn to vintage/film style photos, but I guess I need to spend more time learning how to edit.

Or just shoot film. A lot of us still do!


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