RAW+JPEG in C1?- better to separate or not?

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Brian Kimball
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C1 does not use embedded JPGs when previewing raws

David1961 wrote:

Earlier you posted -

"I know I can import both files into the same folder, and only view either the JPEG or the RAWs in the preview pane by selecting a feature to hide one of the file types."

When viewing the raw's you are viewing the jpeg embedded into the raw.

True in image browsers like Photo Mechanic, Windows Explorer, macOS Finder, etc.

However, not true in raw processors like C1 and LR (unless embedded+sidecar is explicitly set). In C1 all image previews will be generated from the raw data.

If OP doesn't like how their raws look, they can consider adjusting their default tool settings:


The embedded raw should be a thumbnail size version of the sooc jpeg you view.

Most cameras embed rather large JPGs, up to full resolution, so they can still offer a zoom functionality in playback mode in the camera for raw files.


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