Photoshop 5.0 software for the D850

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Re: Nikon ND-X to Photoshop 5.1 for the D850

There are lots of good software choices nowadays.  Capture One is one of those - I tried the free trial and I didn't get along with it.  But others do and like it.  The same can be said about all software I think.

By the way I still have PS/Lightroom Creative Cloud - I'm in the UK - £9.98 per month.  No change since I started several years ago.

I also have DXO Photolab Elite 4.  It's my main choice now for my 4 Nikon DSLRs RAW processing.  For me it gives outstanding results and I'll be sticking with it.  The results are better than any software I've ever used and tested.

But as I say there are many good choices nowadays - the trick I guess is to find one you like using, that fits the bill on cost and gives great results.  For me the output from DXO is just better than PS/L'room CC although the output from that is still very good.  Good luck with your final choice.

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