RAW+JPEG in C1?- better to separate or not?

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David1961 wrote:

viper699 wrote:

donaldsc wrote:

viper699 wrote:

Bump- thanks

We don't spend all of our time watching for posts from you.

Hence the bump.

Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting.

Posting is frowned upon by the moderators especially when members bump threads before 24 hrs as you did according to the timestamps.

Rule 17:

"Bumping and cross-posting is not explicitly disallowed but is frowned upon and if abused will result in the removal of posts. As a guide, one bump after 24 hours is perfectly acceptable, as is cross-posting in two different forums where there is an obvious relevance."

Appreciate the knowledge! Very helpful- the last person was a jerk, there’s no need to act that way. I don’t use the site for posting nearly as much as others- so the rules are not well remembered by me.

However now that you pointed this out- I will wait 24 hr as indicated by Rule 17

Appreciate the constructive criticism from you, instead of the “stupidity” I read earlier that provided absolutely no help, unlike you. Have a great day!

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