500pf shots with D500 and D850...

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Re: 500pf shots with D500 and D850...

Tom Stites wrote:

Should have included these for reference...the original images that were cropped. Both original files were resized to 1920 pixels on the long side.

The sapsucker is a fairly small bird, maybe 6" max and I dared not approach any closer as I was standing in the middle of my yard without cover.

I've seen the question asked here so many times whether one can just go with a D850 and crop to make up for the 1.5x crop factor of the D500...of course you can, but there are definite advantages in shooting with the D500, at least that's been my experience in having both available to me. If I had to choose one body, I'd go with the D850, but what I shoot is really pretty diverse, not limited to sports or wildlife.


I agree, my D500 is much more suited to the 500pf than my D850 - Ever more so when a TC1.4iii is added - main thing being AF speed and accuracy both with and without the TC

I liked the real world comparison - good stuff

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