Fuji 23mm f1.4 vs 35mm f1.4

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Re: Fuji 23mm f1.4 vs 35mm f1.4

okmarzo wrote:

snapsbylloyd wrote:

I have both and i would agree with everything you said about the 35 1.4. As good as the 23 is, i rarely reach for it. If im going out, i would always grab the 35 and then the 16 1.4. Maybe if i dont have the 16 1.4, i would have more use for the 23 being they are pretty much the same size. I like the focal length but i just barely use it. That’s why i am thinking of selling it and getting an x100f instead, that way i will have the 23 focal length on a much smaller form factor.

I own both lenses as well. I always shoot with the 23mm and seldomly grab the 35mm. Just shows everybody is different and we all enjoy different lenses for our own reasons.

I also own both. Bought the 35 first, thought it was fine. As I got to know my style more I could see that I wanted something wider but did not want to give up the bright aperture. Bought the 23mm 1.4 and am happy with the result.

It seems people who like the 35mm f1.4 often choose the 23mm f2 (I think this pair is well suited to X-Pro body.) They are all good, just a matter of preference.

For me 23 and 56 is ideal and I will choose the Mitakon at 35mm.

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