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One thing I don’t quite like about Flickr is their groups. They’re not functioning as intended. There are so many similarly-named groups (e.g. “Long Exposure” and “Long Exposures”), and most groups have become a photo dump, with no post in the discussion (often the latest post is from several years ago). Hope Flickr will revamp groups.

If Flickr revamped the groups by combining or eliminating groups, it would only make a bunch of members mad and leave Flickr, probably putting Flickr in financial peril they don't need.

I’ve rarely come across such thriving groups, though. Most of groups (including bigger ones) have no conversation for years.

I have noticed this also, and it puzzles me. To have a good running group requires good moderation. Too often moderators abandon their groups.

They leave for good reason- too many dorky doo-doo's tirelessly dumping heaps of brick wall test shots on/in groups that are, say for example, bird photographs only.

Also the plethora of mass mediocrity that gets heaved onto groups gets extremely tedious for moderators. Frustration and burnout ensue...

-Martin P

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