If you shoot both FF and APS-C, how do you mentally adjust to the change in depth of field?

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Re: One stop difference but beware about focal lenght

Valdai21 wrote:

I use micro 4/3, Fuji X and full frame.

It's true there is one stop difference between APS-C and full frame. Shooting f/2 on APS-C looks the same as f/2,8 on full frame assuming you are using the same lens, which is rarely the case.

I mean, 35mm f/2 on APS-C has the same depth of field as 35mm f/2,8 on full frame but if you want to shoot 50mm equivalent on both systems, you will use a 35mm lens on APS-C and a 50mm lens on full frame.
If you stop down your 50mm lens to f/2,8 on your full frame setup, you will still have less depth of field than with your 35mm f/2 lens on APS-C because of the focal lenght difference.

That's why you can have quite a lot of background blur with wide angle lenses on full frame even at moderate aperture. That's also why you can get depth of field problems with a 24mm lens if you are not careful.

For everything in focus if you have enough light, sweet spot is between f/5,6 and f/8 on APS-C and f/8 to f/11 on full frame. You can stop down more if you need but you usually loose some sharpness.

Thanks. This is exactly the conundrum I am facing because as you correctly said, I have to change the FL of the lens to obtain equivalence. 35mm/50mm in your example.

If you use all 3 systems, your situation is even worst than mine. So have you developed some rules of thumb for this DOF conversion among the different systems?

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