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What still puts me off buying the Q2 Monochrom is the lately discussed issue with dead pixels in the sensor.I am just waiting on order to be 100 % sure before spending 6000 €.

please I would refer to the Leica camera forum where stumbled upon and reading some forum discussions.
I am still pretty convinced of the gorgeous pictures it is able to take .

If you use Capture One, it's a non-issue, as you can set the Noise Reduction panel's Single Pixel NR to "1" and set that as the default. I don't think Lightroom has that feature, though.

Leica has said that the Q2M should run an automatic dead-pixel cleanup routine every two weeks – many of us reporting the issue have not used the camera for two weeks yet. Leica also said they would be looking into adding an option to manually run the dead-pixel detection feature to a future firmware update.

I upgraded from an old Capture One version to v21 not only to take advantage of the Single Pixel feature but also because I found that C1 handles the Q2M's files better than other programs that I tested (Camera Raw and ON1).

However, for those who do not want to go the C1 route, Photoshop's Dust and Scratches filter also fixes stuck pixels in a snap. Hence, I have no worries with regard to that particular issue.

The only thing that bums me out about C1 with the Q2M is the Dehaze tool is not near as strong for creating dark skies as the same tool in Lightroom – I still have to add adjustments to Levels, Contrast, etc. and manually work out each image.

Well, you will simply have to decide if you agree with me on C1 doing a better job overall on Q2M files, and if so, is the compromise with the Dehaze tool acceptable.  If you decide to stick with Lightroom, then I presume you have access to PS's Dust and Scratches filter, which works just fine on stuck pixels.

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