RAW+JPEG in C1?- better to separate or not?

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Re: RAW+JPEG in C1?- better to separate or not?

When shooting NEF+JPEG (large-fine),  I upload to two external drives.  One drive dedicated to ORIGINAL files and another for WORK files.  Both drives are dedicated to Photo files.
I use Apple computer.  Both external drives have sub-folder for NEF and sub-folder for JPEG.
I create sub-folders,  YYYY-MM-DD - Event (Short Description of the files to be uploaded)

My preference is to work on the JPEG files.
While I have four post processing /editing software,  I use either NIkon Capture or Nikon View to view, rate and classify each file. This initial ratings helps in culling for whatever purpose I have. Sometimes,  I also use the Apple tagging system to expedite cross-editor processing. Unrated file means it is not reviewed yet.
I'll not discuss other steps / procedure I do to create / save/ and distribute final product.

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