Trouble with exposure on the X100V when using OVF

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Re: Trouble with exposure on the X100V when using OVF

Morten Rasmussen wrote:


It only occurs when using the OVF so far.

Spotmertering. Fixed shutter at 1/30, fixed iso 640 and aperture set to 2.0. Light meter says 0.0 when looking through the OVF. I press the shutter halfway down and it jumps to +0.6! EVF is not affected by the focuslock.

Average metering, the rest of the setting the same as above it will jump to +3.3!!!! Using EVF it says +3, when focuspoint is over the exact same spot in the photo.

This could indicate that the metering when using the OVF is kicking in only after half pressing the shutter button. And it seems that spotmetering is more accurate but not quite there anyway.

What do you gather from this?

I'm very curious about this behavior and trying modify different X100V settings, but so far EVF and OVF showing exactly same exposure, except for the cases when I slightly moving camera when rotating dials or pressing buttons. I'm wondering if it remains the same when you put camera on a tripod to make sure it does not move.

Another possibility is the difference between EVF and OVF focus point size, and also parallax correction in the OVF - it may be not exactly same AF area precisely evaluated for exposure. But I can't confirm that yet, since camera behaves consistent.

I'm thinking there should be the answer to your question in specific settings combination, but I'd also eliminate the camera movement influence first by putting it on a tripod and trying EVF/OVF behavior there.

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