Diamonds are ... not a photographer's best friend! ;-)

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Re: Exposure bracketing

Fotoni wrote:

When there is too much contrast, shooting multiple photos with 1 EV or 2 EV steps helps to preserve highlights details and same time darker parts have less noise. You need a software to do the merging. I just use a GIMP plugin to do averaged merge, but there probably are better ways. Also pixel shift shoots four photos fast and gives about 1.5 EV more room for contrast, but it requires continuous lighting because of slow electronic shutter.

Static subjects are great because there are so many options to increase image quality far beyond what usually is possible with motion.

Thanks very much for looking and for your advice! I did use continuous lighting, so pixel shift would've been possible, but contrast and resolution were already good enough for my purposes. And the obviously missing "diamond sparkle" is not a contrast issue, I think.

There was another reason I didn't try pixel shift: The setup with the K-1 on a macro rail, a fully extended macro lens with an added 25mm extension tube was very sensitive to the slightest disturbance - just walking behind the really sturdy tripod with its geared head (alas standing on a carpeted floor) made the setup respond with some mild wobbling - so I stood very still, used either electronic shutter or mirror up before releasing shutter (in either case of course with a remote) to avoid any movement blur. I didn't risk trying pixel shift because of that - but I may have been too cautious ... could give it a try next time for checking that out!


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