Z50 + Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 pictures

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Re: Z50 + Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 pictures

jthomas39 wrote:

MrClam wrote:

Yeah the i-menu ok thing...I hate that. I’m always like “didn’t I change that!” Errrr

(I posted this in a recent Z6 thread.)

I have a Z6.

The i-menu is quick and efficient if you are changing the same menu item again. No need to press OK

I confirm, I was wrong in my initial post! Awesome increase in usability! Thank you.

It remembers the current menu item when I press the i-menu button. I can use either of the two command dials to cycle through the choices for that item. Now, half pressing the shutter or the AF-On will set that choice (and close the i-menu too). So changing a setting, shooting, then changing it back is fast.

For example: Press the i-menu button (I had Metering as the current item), two dial clicks to go from Matrix to Spot meter, then half press the shutter. Now the i-menu is closed, and I'm ready to shoot. I can switch it back to Matrix just as easily.

That is right - thank you so much!! What a great tip. I didn't realize this.

This method also works when using the 4-way multi-selector to move to another i-menu item.

However, if I'm using the touch screen to switch menu items, then the dials will change the currently displayed choice, but the half press won't set it. It needs either the OK touch screen box, or the OK button to set it. A bit annoying.

Yes, that is right, too.

EDIT-- using the touch screen with the i-menu does work differently. I suppose this makes sense, leaving the menu on screen and requiring OK. This way, multiple menu items can all be inspected or changed without having to re-press the i-menu button. It still took me a while to always remember that I have to OK here.

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