Photography app with aperture setting?

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Re: Photography app with aperture setting?

geru wrote:

LucyMcMurray wrote:

Hello! Can anyone recommend a good phone photography app where you can set manual settings, including APERTURE? Everything I have found so far features an 'exposure' setting but not in the form of f-stops. I am trying to teach photography to a bunch of students who only have their phones so it needs to resemble real annual settings as much as possible. Thanks!

How to use manual mode on your smartphone camera

It seems that most newer smartphones have a built in app that allows the user to manually control their settings.

The link above is specifically for Android but I'm sure IOS (apple) would have a similar ability to set manual settings manually.

About aperture, the article states: This is something most won't have to worry about, as aperture usually can't be controlled in smartphones. The only exceptions come from Samsung [...] However, Samsung ditched it [dual aperture] in the Galaxy S20.

The article is so lacking in precision and knowledge, that I would not base teaching on it.

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