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Lake Havasu

P3T3S wrote:

P3T3S wrote:

This interested me, because there are a number of layers / questions about what is reality and what is an illusion or fake.


Untitled (London Bridge) by Kerry James Marshall

I mentioned the layers of fake or reality. It was taken in a gallery, and the lighting makes the real, living, breathing humans look very flat and blend in with the people on the painting. In fact the girl in the blue top is the only real person, and then the fun starts. SHe seems to be part of the painting, so is she a fake part of the painting? Alternatively, the painting blends with her, so does it provide a fake scene for her? The painting is of London Bridge, but actually it is not in London, but has been dismantled and rebuilt stone for stone in Arizona. It was spanning the Thames in London for over a hundred years, so is it the real London Bridge, or is that impossible, because it is now in Arizona? In any case, it was only built in 1831, to replace the famous 600 year old London Bridge of song and legend, so is it a fake and it’s predecessor the real one?

I could be cynical, and say that the sky is never that blue in London, but sometimes it really is. The Thames, I can safely say, has never been that blue, however! Also, despite the Fish & Chips signs and red buses, it is definitely a fake London atmosphere.

Am I reading too much into this? Yes, but it’s fun.


I've been mostly absent for a few days, so I return to this thread finding you having already replied.

I was intrigued by the shot when I first saw it, but I could not put my finger on the reason why that scene looked familiar.

And now I know, because indeed this is London Bridge, as it is reconstructed to span a part of Lake Havasu (and with a fake "Ye Olde English" village next to it).


We visited that spot in 2012 on our SW USA travels. My wife had picked up a mention of this crazy story in one of our travel guide books and we decided to look into it on the car trip from one of our destinations to the next.

Pretty soon we understood that we must have been on the right road to this lake, because we saw big SUVs on the road, pulling trailers with very large pleasure yachts and other motorboats. A crazy sight to come across in the middle of the Arizonian deserts.

This makes your image, of course, very META-fake.  Because it is a fake representation of a scene that is itself already very fake.

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