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Re: Crop circles

ProfHankD wrote:

You'd also have to remove the lens hood to get a full circle anyway. The cheaper answer is to put it on a FF body using a focal reducer... unfortunately, there aren't any that take an MFT lens.

Yep, I've mentioned the need to dismount the hood. I had to make my own DIY front in order to fit a custom protective cap too.

Don't let the wildly different focal lengths fool you; fisheyes can use several different projection formulas, so the view angle:focal length correspondence is wacky. Still, I get about 190-195 degree circle using the Opteka on an A7 via a focal reducer.

For sure. I've noticed there isnt a reference "fisheye" projection, fisheyes can basically get away with anything not causing that much of a discomfort to viewer and manufacturers leveraged this advantage to the fullest extent.

Modified 7Artisans 7.5/2.8 seem to have an angle of view slightly exceeding 180°, looking a bit behind itself.

Overall, not exactly a workhorse, but there is an undeniable fun factor going so ridiculously wide, it leaves most wide lenses far behind in the dust.

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I like to shoot with manual lenses. Here are some of my photos:

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