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Re: Best lens for....

scbwr wrote:

With the info provided, I'm not sure how anyone can give you an answer, or perhaps I'm not understanding what characteristics you are looking for in a lens.

We're fortunate to have a wide ranges of lenses available for the micro 4/3 system. Based on my experiences as I've gone from kit lenses to a couple of pro lenses and some prime lenses, for a general purpose lens, the Oly 12-40 Pro is a good choice and is my all around lens along with the recently acquired 40-150 Pro. I'm also very pleased with the Oly 17 1.8, 45mm 1.8, 30mm macro and 60mm macro lenses. But there are other lenses I'm sure I would enjoy using.

I suggest providing a little more info on specifically what you are looking for and I'm sure you will get a lot of suggestions.

Meanwhile, thanks for the reply. I am essentially looking for a lens between 40 / 60mm (in Fullframe) that has an excellent rendering of colors and details ... then, as mentioned, if it is not autofocus it is not a problem

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