AF for dynamic fashion shots?

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Re: AF for dynamic fashion shots?

Hi Nils - I’ve shot models and dancers moving dynamically with the Z6 and this video perfectly demonstrates a fantastic method for doing so:

Nils wrote:

I am still struggeling which AF is best for shooting a fashion model which is running towards me.

At the beginning she is too far away for the EYE-AF to give me a Yellow Square signaling it is tracking the eye.

1. I tried waiting for the AF to recognize the EYE, both in Wide and Region Eye-AF mode. Several times it did not recognize the EYE at all (no yellow square)

2. Like with my D850 (3D Tracking) I pressed the OK button and placed the square on her face and focussed once I started shooting. Then framed the shot while taking pictures. Mostly all pictures were in focus but not perfectly on the EYE.

What is the best workflow for such a setting? I normally shoot between 70 and 200mm


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