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Crop circles

aidaho wrote:

kathala wrote:

And I completely forgot about the Pen. I guess I was so disgusted with Olympus after my Pen M4/3 died after only ten thousand shots that I couldn't believe they EVER made something worthwhile if they're incapable of doing so NOW. The 38/1.8 and 6o/1.5 are impressive!

I have Pen-F 38/1.8 and 40/1.4. Both are excellent on APS-C sensor.

Do you happen to have a picture with the 7artisans 7.5? What I saw gave a round image, just like any old SLR 7.5mm fisheye lens - a matter of taste.


Unlike with rectilinear, it's pretty normal for a fisheye to have it's borders inside the frame.

One has to have GFX sensor to get a circular fisheye from a 7a 7.5/2.8.

You'd also have to remove the lens hood to get a full circle anyway. The cheaper answer is to put it on a FF body using a focal reducer... unfortunately, there aren't any that take an MFT lens.

The view you're showing is a pretty good match for the old 12mm Spiratone fisheyes, which give complete circles on FF using a focal reducer, as does the 8mm Samyang or 6.5mm Opteka. Don't let the wildly different focal lengths fool you; fisheyes can use several different projection formulas, so the view angle:focal length correspondence is wacky. Still, I get about 190-195 degree circle using the Opteka on an A7 via a focal reducer.

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