Cut, dissolve, zoom or what?

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Cut, dissolve, zoom or what?


I just wondered what people think.

Some years ago, the use of cuts “seemed” to be less common or acceptable as videos jump from one scene to the next.

I now see this as a regular feature of videos rather than perhaps a cross dissolve or fade etc: it is the norm.

Also, less people seem to zoom in a video now than before...or so it seems?

Is this change something I have imagined, or is it because more people shoot video with DSLR’s or 4/3 systems instead of dedicated camcorders, where to zoom smoothly is difficult if not impossible.

Is there a change in what is preferred or acceptable now?

Just a thought and wondered what others here think?

One of my reasons for asking is because when I video my daughter on her horse at events, be they show-jumping or dressage, the need to zoom is essential to avoid her becoming just a small vision in the distance.

If I cut from A to B, I would be losing what has happened in the interim etc: if that makes sense....the action between the cut would be lost.

Just wonder what those more experienced think.

Very best wishes


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