Macro with Oly 60 mm

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The Oly 60 mm

might be my next lens. I've been very happy with my manual Macro-Takumar 50/4 down to f11. After that diffraction starts to show. But it's manual so focus bracketing has to be manual too and that can be tedious and inaccurate. Been a bit hit and miss so far. So looking to get a camera (G9?) with semi-auto FB. Is in-camera stacking really limited to 8 shots on some camera? I'd use post stacking anyway.

According to some tests the 60mm is the least sharp m43 macro offering but I don't really trust many of the reviews here. They mostly seem to be standardized to longer distances such as 0.5-3m depending on FL and not doing separate testing for macro. Ming Thein (I think it was) preferred the 60 partly due to sharpness. And of course it's more convenient than the shorter ones for the closer range and probably plenty sharp enough in any case.

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