RAW+JPEG in C1?- better to separate or not?

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Re: RAW+JPEG in C1?- better to separate or not?

My advice differs from that of the other posters. In my experience with Capture One 20 (for Sony), jpeg files embedded in the raw file are not used for preview purposes. Instead, when a raw file is imported into a Session, a so called Preview File is generated which is seen in the Viewer and a thumbnail version of this is generated and appears in the Browser. The size of the preview file can be set in the Preferences/Image section and one recommendation is to set this to your screen width. It is a reasonably large file but considerably smaller than the raw. It is sort of the working file if you like (except for 100% view) and the raw file is not called on until you export a jpeg or tiff etc.

The preview file (and the thumbnail) display the editing changes as you make them.

Interestingly I've found that my Sony raw preview files are reasonably close to a jpeg shot under raw+jpeg (with a Creative Style of Standard for the  jpeg). I certainly don't need to use a jpeg for culling purposes.

I'd urge you to persevere with just importing the raws into the Capture folder. You should get to judge the image potential from the raw preview file alone fairly well after a while.


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