Stacking the Sony teleconverters: 400/2.8+1.4x+2.0x

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Stacking the Sony teleconverters: 400/2.8+1.4x+2.0x

A few weeks ago I came a cross a DPReview thread that talked about the possibility of stacking the Sony teleconverters by using the Kenko extension tubes. As a consequence of lockdown-induced boredom, I ordered the extension tubes, did the required filing down of the plastic pieces on the 16mm one, and then connected them all together. This weekend I took them out for a test run (on an A9ii) and wanted to share the results, in case anyone else is curious about this combination.


  • 1120mm/F8 lens, with surprisingly sharp IQ
  • Auto-focus - Pretty speedy but not as fast as with a single TC. Worked okay for birds-in-flight.


  • Focal range is limited to about 300 feet. Unfortunately, the perch where eagles like to sit at my neighborhood park is about 350 feet away from the closest I can get....making my new combination useless for my purpose (at that park).
  • Vignetting (seeing junco picture below)
  • F8....with the gray winter skies this weekend meant my pictures were pretty high ISO (although I just acquired about Topaz Denoise and it's been fantastic).

A few pictures below. Note that the metadata is wrong, as the camera only reads the first teleconverter for metadata, so while it says 560mm/F4 it's actually 1120mm/F8.

Uncropped; processed in Lightroom and with Topaz Denoise AI. The vignetting is the result of the lens...not added or corrected.

Small crop; processed in Lightroom and with Topaz Denoise AI.

Larger crop; but pretty good detail considering two TCs are being used.

Hopefully this is interesting/useful for someone. The instructions for stacking came from here:



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