Blue-Wing Teals

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1elementin7groups wrote:

Mikel10 wrote:

Beautiful images of a beautiful bird. Not sure if you mentioned in some other thread, but could you say what programs you use for post processing? Thanks for sharing.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the comments.

My image processing is done in PS, but that takes some explaining as I have some unconventional ways of processing the image...

On any image, I bring i into Camera Raw, evaluate it, then immediately open in PS, crop, and use Topaz Denoise AI set at the Auto setting. Then bring that noise treated image back into Camera Raw, adjust Highlights and Shadows, tweak the exposure, recheck my temperature setting and reopen in PS.

In PS I go to the Image > Adjustments and move my dark and bright sliders to each of the end points of the histogram. I find this is the single most important step to making the image look correct.

I will clean up the image if needed. I use layer masks to mask out the bird then use a combination of clone, paint and content aware tools to eliminate distractions. After all that, I will bring evaluate the sharpness. If needed I will do one of the following:

1 bring the image back into Camera Raw for final minute tweaks and sharpen slightly with the texture slider OR

2 Still in PS, sharpen with Unsharp Mask but conservatively OR

3 Still in PS, use Topaz Sharpen AI usually set at Stabilize mode to sharpen OR

4 Still in PS, use the High Pass Filter and an Overlay layer adjusted down for sharpening.

Never use 1-4 together, I just pick the one I think will work the best.

All this sounds like a lot but I can edit an image fairly fast to my liking. What I do does not fit everyone's work flow. And I could tweak mine a bit. Notice the backgrounds are different shades of color. Some of this due to the angles of the camera and changing light but it could be tweaked to make them all reasonably the same background color.

I have used PS since it the first version, never had a class in it or formal instructions so I probably do a lot of my processing wrong. I'm no expert for sure! I do have as much fun processing the images as I do photographing them.

I hope this answers some of your questions.


I have not used PS in a while as LR  does pretty much does all the PP. I must admit that Sharpening tools in PS are little more advanced compared to LR. Same goes for NR but thankfully you have Topaz plugin add-in for LR

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