Milky Way Over Mesa Arch?

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Re: Milky Way Over Mesa Arch?

viper699 wrote:

EricTheAstroJunkie wrote:

Anytime up to June the MW arch can be shot over Mesa, it can be shot at Delicate pretty much any time of year with varying compositions. For mesa you need to get there early, be prepared to be lined up shoulder to shoulder with several other photographers, even on a weekday now. Delicate is always a cluster, there's always at least a few other photographers up there, be prepared for light painting (which is illegal at both, but doesn't stop the idiots).

These are among the several locations within Arches and Canyonlands which are becoming overrun at night, both parks are just a mess both day and night once the weather improves starting in March. Welcome to the new age of night photography.

Hey Eric!

Thanks for the MW info for Mesa.

Yep I'm aware. I've seen a few pictures of the photographers gathered around both of those points.

I wonder if there are some equally impressive (subjective), but less famous places in the area that most DO NOT know about? I wonder if Capitol Reef NP, or Valley of the Gods, or other areas in the greater Southeast Utah region are worth exploring as well for epic MW shots?

I've seen day pics of Capital Reef, and it looks spectacular to me, a mixture of arches and canyons to me at least.

I've spent the better part of my life camping and exploring throughout Utah, born and raised here. The central, south/southeast portions of the state are absolute playground with endless composition opportunities, the best image is the one you can make for yourself. There's any number of relatively known and unknown MW compositions you can search around, but realistically I think it's up to each person to find their own unique perspective. So spend some time searching around on google maps based on areas you want to travel to, use apps like Photopills or Plan it Pro, and make something of your own that you'll long love. The most well known and most done compositions you see online are often the ones that are easiest, sometimes you have to put in much more work to create the better shot that's less known.

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