Camera/Camcorder with no recording limit under 1000€?

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Re: High Requirements

Off The Mark wrote:

Svetoslav Popov wrote:

Main use scenario is the YouTube thingy. She wants a "press-the-button-and-record-content" solution, with files ready for import and edit in DaVinci. I'm only serving a an advisor for the tech stuff, and only because there's no video guy around to ask.

If main concern is youtube thingy, and she wants it as simple as possible, then she is going to either want a cardioid mic / hyper cardioid mic mounted on a boom pole (if sitting down / not moving around inside ), or a shotgun mic on a boom pole (if not moving around outside), for BEST audio.

If she will be moving around then she will want a lav mic instead. She can get "pretty good" audio by using a wireless lav mic such as rode wireless go. There are similar wireless mics made by other brands too.

For convenience, a wireless lav mic is best. But she will have to place the mic in the right location and make sure she isn't constantly having it rub against clothing and such.

Most likely she will want a couple of lights and modifiers as well. A lot of beginners use Godox SL-60. A single SL-60, a white shoot through umbrella, and a white bounce board / reflector would be about the easiest "basic" lighting setup. Of course, she will then need a light stand for the light and a reflector stand for the reflector.

Thanks, Mark. The Godox lighting setup we have planned is almost 100% the same as you suggested. Seems to be kind of a standard these days. Very affordable.

Those audio suggestions though are quite helpful. It'll certainly help to figure out the best way to get it done.

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