D750 damaged after sending to Nikon for service of shutter ERR issue

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D750 damaged after sending to Nikon for service of shutter ERR issue

I bought the Nikon D750 camera in 2015. Recently it got an issue that the shutter can not be released when shooting in high speed, usually above 1/2000s. The view finder displays "ERR" message. This doesn't happen quite often, but it's annoying.

After searching from google, it turns out to be a known issue of D750, and Nikon does provide recall service for this issue. Nikon website also confirms that my serial number is in the affected list. And Nikon provides free service for it. The link can be found here:


I contacted Nikon customer service, they also confirmed the free service, and provided me with the free shipping label.

On Dec 2 2020, I shipped the camera to Nikon in Ontario through Purolator. I carefully wrapped the camera with multiple layers of protection, which should be secure enough.

On Dec 8 2020, Nikon notified me that the camera was received. It said "no further action is required if it's under warranty.". So I just waited for further notice.

There was no further news for a few days.

On Dec 15, 2020, I contacted the Nikon customer support for the progress. The customer support told me that the camera have sustained some water damage, they may not be able to repair it. It's strange that they didn't tell me this until I asked for it.

I was very surprised by this message. My camera has never been water damaged. I have been using it for years of daily use, it works very well, except for the shutter ERR issue in some occasions.

After communicating with the customer support, they agreed to try to do the service advisory.

On Jan 07 2021, Nikon notified me that the camera has no value to fix. In other words, it's total loss. They offered me a replacement of new camera at cost of $1800. Otherwise, they will return my camera as it is, with a charge of admin fee $29.95 + tax.

The result was beyond my expectation.

My camera was still in working condition before sending to Nikon. It was kept very clean. Please check the picture picture below, which was taken 2 days before shipping to Nikon, when the customer support asked me for the serial number.

Below are the pictures that that Nikon customer support sent to me.

The camera was very dirty. Definitely it's not my original camera.

I used the camera taking a lot of pictures, it's a good working camera. Please look the picture below, it's was taken 2 months ago. A very beautiful picture, isn't it?

That's the whole story. I sent the camera to Nikon, to fix the service advisory that they promised to do. But eventually I got a damaged camera, and I need to pay $29.95+tax to get back its dead body.

The camera is still held in Nikon, and I'm still arguing with them.

This is how Nikon treats its customers? I can't believe it!

Nikon D750
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