Reducing flange distance?

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Re: Reducing flange distance?

mapachebasura wrote:

So I'm trying to jump on some of this adapted lens fun and am starting with the now-seems-anachronistic 25mm c-mount CCTV lens craze. But since I'm just trying for fun artsy crap because I'm burnt out on 'technical greatness,' I started looking at other weird mount lenses.

There are some that i can adapt to hell and back (like some CS ones), but ultimately they're gonna get further and further from the mirror which I know from experiments with toy lenses isn't going to work.

Are there commercially available adapters that actually recede more into the body of the camera or somehow help 'bridge the gap' physically or focally?

With mirorless cameras there are a few adapters that can sit within the lens mount enabling narrow lenses of shorter flange distance to be used. None of thee go very far.

IIRC the c-mount to MFT adapters recess slightly into the mount.

With DSLRs fouling on the cameras mirror has to be taken into account so the options for recessing a lens are reduced.

Very few camera mounts will allow the use of CS mount lenses. It would be possible to combine these with other optics that effectively increase the rear flange distance but I suspect such efforts will be disappointing. Somewhere I have a clip on wide angle adapter than won't focus using any of my lenses unless significant extension is added. I've considered coupling this to a CS lens (effective extended by 5mm when mounted via a c-mount adapter). Not much chance of it working at all but if it does I've gained something from 2 mistakes.

A more practical solution may be to add a negative diopter in front of the lens. This was something done in the early days of photography to get a telephoto effect, but needed the lens extended significantly to get focus. This was relatively easy with many bellows cameras, but is less easy with DSLRs so these diopters are now hard to find.

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