Table of APS, C mount, and projection lenses covering FF online

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Re: Table of APS, C mount, and projection lenses covering FF online

Nevertheless, I think it's a gimmick.

There is fun in it, but I wouldn't consider any such lens as my "go-to" one.

Aidaho, thank you for your input!

I had been very curious personally about the Zonlai.

And I completely forgot about the Pen. I guess I was so disgusted with Olympus after my Pen M4/3 died after only ten thousand shots that I couldn't believe they EVER made something worthwhile if they're incapable of doing so NOW. The 38/1.8 and 6o/1.5 are impressive!

Do you happen to have a picture with the 7artisans 7.5? What I saw gave a round image, just like any old SLR 7.5mm fisheye lens - a matter of taste.

C mount probably shows the widest variation in coverage. Not surprising since it's also the least standardised/most diversely used format, from old amateur film cameras to machine vision. Most C mount lenses will not cover FF (or even APS). The ones I list were documented with samples purported to have been taken on FF. I elected to trust the documentations, but am happy to be proven wrong

Hank, a tele converter is an interesting idea!

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