Interesting article for XT4 and BiF I felt

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Re: Interesting article for XT4 and BiF I felt

This is not the first time Mat's Fuji reviews for BIF has have show up here. I feel he gives bad advice and his own bad advice is the reason for his low keeper rate.

Ad12 wrote:

Not strictly scientific, but interesting! I only have an XT3, but with the firmware update, I suspect most things to be applicable, with the exception of the shooting max rate.


Few things I found particularly interesting which went against what i thought was best:

- Article recommends electronic shutter. I believed that rolling shutter was a shot ruiner, but in this article it seems preferential. I must admit - imagine following a BiF and taking shots with no blackouts/delays or anything, must be really nice! I've never tried it.

Yes, rolling shutter can be a frustrating problem.

- Pre shot ES - again I never use the ES, but this could be very useful for if you are slow to release the shutter

One needs to start focus, why not just taking photos and use the mechanical shutter avoiding the risk of rolling shutter

- Whilst tracking was poor for busy backgrounds, which is why i always use zone, this article found tracking was actually better for keepers across the blue sky than the zone mode. I think I will try this, as it could be useful!

With the latest firmware, single point AF works decently yet I still prefer zone as you have more control over where the camera will focus when using Custom Focus Tracking mode

- The author when using zone uses 7x7 grid. I personally use 3x3. I guess this depends on how much you fill the frame. I tend to be zoomed out as my ability to track sucks, but as experience improves, fill the frame using 7x7 could be good. Also, i think it depends on the size of the bird and the background. Probably need to be flexible in the zone choice.

I use 3x3. When you use a 7x7 grid, the camera has to use more CPU and slows down.

- The highest hit rate was achieved using the 200mm prime, but also with the 1.25x crop mode. Crop mode didnt seem to help with the 400mm though. Personally i'd always prefer the full 26mp in any case.

The 200mm f2.0 is a superb lens with incredible AF performance even with the 1.25x. The very bright image it renders on the sensor is an advantage as it will make the focus system more responsive than when using the 100-400mm

His custom focus setup uses "Tracking Sensitivity" 0 which means to leave the subject if something else comes into focus. A better choice is 4 to stick on the subject. What he wants to do with "Tracking Sensitivity" is done by "Speed Tracking Sensitivity" and that is to quickly adjust what the camera is tracking. He chose 2 which will work unless there is little contrast or a very bright background. 1 is less sensitive yet good enough and works low contrast or a very bright background.

I thought it was interesting.

In my opinion there are two important things going on here.  First he states he normally dose not photograph birds in flight.  Second, reviewers don't get enough time shooting with one camera to do a super job of setting it up.


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