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I own (and love) my Q2. It is an amazing street camera. I frequently convert the color images to B&W in ON1 Photo RAW. The results are excellent. About two weeks ago, I surrendered to GAS and purchased a Q2M. What I have learned is that everything that M-Monochrom users have been saying for years is true. The difference in B&W image quality is real and it is not trivial. This difference is due to a combination of detail, sharpness and especially tonality. There seems to be almost no limit to how far shadows can be pulled. Some of the prints I have made are astounding. The images almost fly off the paper. Even my wife is impressed. Her immediate response was "Wow!"

Is the Q2M worth its lofty price? For me it is, but I can speak only for myself. In any case, one needs to have a second camera (preferably with interchangeable lenses) for color shooting. In addition to the Q2, I have a CL with a nice set of lenses.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. But let's be real, how many people laying out that price are going to say "I hate it"?

Also can you elaborate exactly what you mean by tonality and how it differs from that of your Q2?

Nope, I'm not going to try to describe the tonality.

I wonder why especially since you made such a point of it in your prior post.

I emphasized that the tonality was exceptional and that shadows seem to have limitless detail. I would add that the prints have a presence and a beautiful radiance that exceeds what I have previously been able to achieve in my B&W conversion images from the Q2. Now my description may mean nothing until you actually see Q2M images for yourself. You may agree with me or disagree. Or you may decide that the difference is real but not important enough to justify the expense. Get your hands on a Q2M, and decide for yourself.

Ok Rob you convinced me being a long time Zone 10, b&w view camera, landscape photographer that the Q2M is the way to go and in no small part due to your comments on tonality. BTW, my color camera is a Hasselblad X1DII.

The question I have is I am never without a good set of b&w filters and especially a yellow #2. Leica as a new E49 Yellow Filter for $150 or maybe a B+W 49mm Yellow MRC 022M Filter which is a lot cheaper. Do you use filters and what do you recommend?


My 2 cents is go for a darker filter than you’re used to using for film. Even the 091 dark red will not make the skies black like it does with film printed to a high contrast paper. You will need to use the Dehaze tool in Lightroom to get that kind of effect, and you may want to use a gradient mask to apply it just the sky since it can mess with the tones in the rest of the shot (which can be compensated for by raising the shadows in some cases).

I was going to buy the Leica versions of the color filters, but after trying the Leica UV protective filter, I decided not to. The Leica filter rings are surprisingly made of aluminum and not brass. The Leica UV filter almost got stuck on the lens with very little tightening on my part. Their filters end up either so tight they won’t come off or loose enough that they don’t feel secure. Also it’s a small thing, but the white lettering on the filter ring is very bright, I’m guessing due to the aluminum behind it — doesn’t match the white on the camera and lens, and looks garish by comparison. The B+W filter bronze lettering on the matte black rings matches better, and I enjoy seeing “Made in Germany” on the ring (Leica filters are made in Japan, but they don’t say so on the ring thankfully).

I keep the B+W orange filter on my Q2M as the daily-use filter. I can barely see any effect from the yellow, but something that subtle might be good as a clear filter substitute for some.

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