Hasselblad x1D with 100mp, when??

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Re: Hasselblad x1D with 100mp, when??

DJI bought a majority stake in Hasselblad in 2017, it is 2021 now....since then they have released the X1DII, the 907 combo and 7? new lenses to bring the total up to 10, as well as adapters including one optical one for H lenses...Phocus, Phocus mobile and firmware has been updated frequently, their marketing releases promo videos and photographer talks all the time.....I am not sure in which way they are not doing....stuff....

the 907 combo seems to have created quite the run on V bodies and lenses, prices are through the roof, it makes sense, it a great system and if you want high end modern digital larger sensor files with a modern system, tech cameras and a classic MF system, it is the only way.....

I have not clue if they will announce a 100mpix body, the lenses can definitely handle it, it seems like a lot pf people simply need 100mpix, I have no clue why, I know, I know: antialiasing.....I am really happy with 50mpix files that are easily cropped for any application and raw files around 100 mb...that is plenty big enough for me....

I think IBIS is great, I do not need it, I have no problem shooting handheld at 1/30...but I almost never shoot long lenses and interiors and architecture are mostly tripod.....IBIS is great but there are many other considerations for me when buying a camera....

I have no clue if Hasselblad will survive but then again, I am not so sure what and how anything and anyone will survive these days.....

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