Advice on buying used 24 70 f2.8 L USM

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Re: Advice on buying used 24 70 f2.8 L USM

While fungus does not scare me that much, depending on how much there is, I would put a price of more like $350 to $400 USD on this lens with fungus.  I am assuming that it is the original version you are looking at.  The asking price is for a used one in good condition.

As for aperture blades falling apart, again not that concerned about this, but depending on your use.  I will say that I stopped using a 40 year old lens on my 8 to 10 fps bodies with automatic aperture, for sports, exactly because I could start to see wear on the aperture that was not there before these high speed cameras started entering the mainstream.  Instead I adapted it to a 10 fps body that had no automatic aperture.  So I was able to set the aperture manually once and it would never open and close while shooting a long burst.

You will have no control on how often the aperture on this lens opens and closes but you can avoid high shutter speed bursts at 10 fps, for instance.  This will greatly extend the life of any aperture.

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