GFX 50 vs GFX 100, some good info from Jim Kasson

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Erik Kaffehr
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GFX 50 vs GFX 100, some good info from Jim Kasson

Now that the GFX 100S is around, it may make some sense to look at some experience based on the GFX 100.

Jim Kasson has written a lot of articles on the GFX 100 here are some:


This article compares sharpness between the GFX 50 and the GFX 100:

The article may be a bit theoretical, but what Jim discusses is that the microlens design of the GFX 50S/R actually yields similar sharpness to the GFX 100, or even a bit sharper detail.

Around 95 lp/mm the GFX 50 is a bit sharper than the GFX 100. But the GFX 100 is able to resolve more detail.


The next article discusses sharpening differences:

Illustration of sharpness differences

The next article discusses rendition of fine detail:

Aliasing differences

Next Jim discusses aliasing:

My thoughts

It may seem that Jim's approach is a bit analytical. But Jim knows what he is writing about.

My personal take on the GFX 100S?

Would I buy into another medium format camera, the GFX 100S would make most sense.

But, I don't feel any urge to go medium format, again.

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