Sony A7III - Under Warranty - Corrosion and Warranty Issues

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Sony A7III - Under Warranty - Corrosion and Warranty Issues

Sony Won't Honor Warranty

Precision Camera claims corrosion, but never exposed to water or elements

7 months ago I purchased a new Sony A7III, and a few weeks ago the Menu button stopped working. This camera has been lightly used and never exposed to anything beyond normal use. Confident that the issue was a manufacture defect, I contacted Sony who had me ship the body to Precision Camera for repair. I then received a quote for repair from Precision Camera for $645 due to 'corrosion' which Sony warranty would not cover.

After researching this issue, I have found a dozen forums, articles, and videos claiming nearly identical experiences, in which Sony camera's fail under normal use, are sent to Precision Camera, and customers are charged a high price due to "corrosion" that Sony warranty will not cover.

It is unacceptable for a $2000 professional camera to repeatedly develop catastrophic problems within a year of purchase under normal use, and for the company to not fix this issue under warranty.

I am an independent documentary photographer and filmmaker, and depend on my equipment for my livelihood. The number of people who have had similar experiences indicates a deeper problem that needs to be addressed.

I believe this issue is a defect, and should be solved by a full refund or replacement. Certainly a company as highly regarded and reputable as Sony should take excellent care of its customers and make right what is wrong.

Looking for any advice/insight.

Images attached were provided by Precision Camera when prompted for evidence of corrosion.

Sony Case # 06656857

Work Order: WO-00577135

Tag#: 4719201

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