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Judging by a lot of the comments in this forum, there will be a fair few "please Canon, give us something like this".

Whilst I applaud Sony for starting to rollout some decent lenses, I do hope Canon sacrifices some of the size & weight saving for less of a reliance on heavy corrections when releasing their RF L 35mm.

f1.2 or f1.4, I'm not overly bothered at this focal length, but please just make it no bigger than the RF 50mm L.

Anyway, over to you Canon, to see what you've got...

Dear Canon PLEASE give us FINALLY modern fast 28mm prime. There are 4 35s already ( and I don’t care about 35mm FL) and NO 28 faster then 2.8. Id be perfectly happy with 500$ 28 1.8 similar to the 35 macro... but If there was epic 28 1.4 comparable to 50 and 85 1.2 Id start saving for sure too

...Sigma 28 / 1.4A, and it's as "epic" as the 35 / 1.4L II.

I meant one with RF mount for the most part. Yes I saw the reviews for sigma but not buying 1400$ lens I can only use with adapter 😐

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