A6600 / A6400 / XT3 ... Other?

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A6600 / A6400 / XT3 ... Other?

Good morning / good evening (depending from where you are)

For weeks I have been asking myself to which camera I would like to upgrade. I currently own an Fuji xt-10. Bought in 2016 as a replacement for my Olympus e520.

After owning the camera for 5 years I was a bit disappointed with the build quality. After almost 2 years the front rubbers came loose (luckily it was still in warranty). In the third year the thumb rest fell off. Despite the build quality I was happy with this camera (love the colors from the jpeg’s). I didn’t invest in lenses since I bought the zoom kit with the xc 15-45 and the xc 55-230. I did a lot of reading here and watched a lot of YouTube videos so I wa able to narrow the choice down a bit.

I consider myself as an amateur. I love taking pictures (no videos) while I’m traveling, taking pictures of land- and cityscapes. Another hobby is motorsport, which I like to attend and take pictures of the cars (that’s the main reason for the zoomlens).

So now I’m looking for a decent APSC replacement (Not interested in full frame due to the cost of long reach lenses and the weight). Mainly for 2 reasons:

  • AF on the xt10 isn’t the fastest. So sometimes I miss some action shots.
  • I want a little bit more reach. I owned the 70-300 Zuiko from Olympus and with the 230 I sometimes wish I had a bit more reach.

So I came across this combinations:

A Sony A6600 with the 70-350

+ Battery

+ Native Sony lenses

- price

  • Less user friendly interface

A Sony A6400 with the 70-350

+ Cheaper

+ Almost the same as the 6600

+ Native Sony lenses

- No IBIS but since my xt10 doesn’t have it I don’t think I will miss it

- Less user friendly interface

- Battery

I still own the small kit lens from an Nex 3 (long story short: discounted impuls buy), and would probably buy the 18-135mm from Sony too with both combos. This one would be used for general photography.

And, I know a contradiction to what I said (the longer zoom)

The Fuji XT3 (with my current lenses)

+ Upgrade from my xt10 but ‘same’ system

+ Improved AF

+ Jpeg colors

- Expensive 100-400 mm lens (i could afford the lens but the mind is saying no: I used to attend a lot of motorsport events until 2013 but now it’s only a few times a year. So a lot of money for those ‘few’ times. The focus shifted in favor of traveling. And there I don’t need that kind of zoom certainly not at the price point of the 100-400mm.

- Would love to add the 16-80 as a general lens then but this one seems to be ‘a mixed bag’ like some would say.

At first the Canon m6 mk2 was on the list as well but not really a fan of the add-on EVF and the native zoomlens has even less reach than the Fuji one. I know you can use an adapter and use other canon lenses but I’m not familiar with the canon lenses.

I’m not into “prime” lenses. Love the versatility of zooms and don’t mind the loss of a bit IQ since the pictures are only sitting on a social media channel or printed to be hanging on the wall at home.

I know you can use other manufacturers lenses on any camera but I prefer to stay with the manufacturer lenses. Don’t ask me why.

So like to know your thoughts.

Budget is approximately 2400 USD. Can be stretched a bit since I won’t be buying everything at once. Due to covid: motorsport events are cancelled or driven behind closed doors.

Ps: My apologies if my English isn’t ‘spot on’ but I’m not a native English speaker.

Canon EOS M6 Fujifilm X-T10 Fujifilm X-T3 Olympus E-520 (EVOLT E-520)
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