Reducing flange distance?

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Re: Reducing flange distance?

mapachebasura wrote:

So I'm trying to jump on some of this adapted lens fun and am starting with the now-seems-anachronistic 25mm c-mount CCTV lens craze. But since I'm just trying for fun artsy crap because I'm burnt out on 'technical greatness,' I started looking at other weird mount lenses.

There are some that i can adapt to hell and back (like some CS ones), but ultimately they're gonna get further and further from the mirror which I know from experiments with toy lenses isn't going to work.

Are there commercially available adapters that actually recede more into the body of the camera or somehow help 'bridge the gap' physically or focally?

It would help if you are more specific on what camera you use. 'Mirror' in your message is not promising much for adapting C or CS mount lenses. Recessed adapter will not work either then.

25mm C-mount adapters are quite common for more brands of mirrorless camera's. There is a recessed C-mount one for M4/3.

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