NX1 prices dropping like crazy

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Re: NX1 prices dropping like crazy

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Thanks, I thought VAT will still apply. In any case that bundle above is listed at £2120.

no VAT, custom charges higher than airline ticket to Stavanger -- NX1 is not an upgrade to the NX500, it's a different 8-bit camera (for video) -- in 2021, £2K for 10-bit video ...

NX500 is amazing, but NX1 is a pro camera in every sense. The upgrade is HUGE.

Did you care to check what was the bundle included?

To acquire all these on an RF you need a huge 5digit price, are you serious?

What cheap A7, Z and RF camera have uncropped 10bit video, or 10 bit?

You can get the bundle, and then a Pocket 6K and shoot 6K RAW, if that's your game, and then you still have money left to buy a small used car!

Also, have you noticed a lot of corporate and youtube videos on 10bit around?

NX is still amazing, and good enough for most.

I acquired the Pocket 4K for when I needed RAW/10bit, and still haven't used it yet..

I am liking the C70 though, but that is not a hybrid, and that is another discussion.

When it comes to 10bit/HDR I'm yet to get excited. I have viewed some HDR videos but I'm not wowed.

To be honest I upgraded everything for the last couple of years (PC, monitors, OLED TV, raw camera) to be ready for HDR, but still do not feeling it. I barely can see it in my OLED TV which was quite expensive anyway.

10bit provides a very good and "thick" video file that can be manipulated/tweaked quite nicely and without too much data needed and moderate computing resources. If anyone is serious about video is a must have on their camera, having said that, still haven't used the Pocket at all, probably for smaller/lighter projects do your best to get the most SOC, and 8bit is still enough for most (like 99% of the things!).

Maybe now with 5G and the next generation of things and connected everywhere, we will see a rise on video quality also, but on a smaller device (mobile phone, tablet) how much resolution and data one needs? I would guess similar with what we need today, for bigger screens, it is nice to see a better signal from Netflix/Amazon/HBO.

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