Best 24mm and 35mm f1.4 autofocus options on Z-mount until there’s a native lens?

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Re: Best 24mm and 35mm f1.4 autofocus options on Z-mount until there’s a native lens?

The Nikon 28mm F1.4 is a more modern design than either the 24 or 35 f1.4 lenses, and is an excellent lens.  The 35 has really nice bokeh but suffers from chromatic aberration.  Still, I have some excellent photos I have taken with it.  The 24 is pretty good optically but not quite as good as the 28.  All of these options utilize the FTZ adaptor and are a bit front-heavy, and the whole ensemble is pretty bulky.  On the other hand, a 24mm F1.4 GM lens on a Sony body is a delight in handling and size, and fantastic optically!  I suspect the same will be the case for the new 35mm GM although I don’t yet have first hand experience to substantiate that claim.  I decided to spend the money to use Sony bodies for the Sony lenses that are spectacular, and Nikon bodies for the Nikon lenses that are spectacular.  I have had poor experiences trying to use Sony lenses on Nikon bodies, with turn-on glitches and poorly optimized focus performance.  I respect that you are not interested in Nikon’s f/1.8 lenses, but I admit that I have been really impressed with the bokeh of Nikon’s 24mm and 35mm f1.8 Z lenses.  If I were to stick to only Nikon I would probably buy the f1.8 Z lens of my focal length choice now, and then sell it when a faster lens becomes available, since that may be awhile.

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