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Re: Shot from White Water Canyon

Hey, thanks again, Rod.

I used to have a Plasma TV that I’ve now replaced with a 4K OLED. Plasma tech was great in its time, but I do prefer the OLED and the 4K resolution. Each to their own and all that jazz.

I like that you play your many images on a loop. I bet it takes a while for them all to recycle.

Your Loon pic looks fine albeit slightly more cropped than I prefer to see from a small sensor camera. I appreciate that we can’t always get close enough to fill as much of the frame as we’d like with the subject, and I get why you recorded such a splendid opportunity regardless of distance. Amazing how large a fish birds like these can swallow.

Assuming you still have the original, I’d like to see a version in which the whole bird is included in more of its watery surroundings. If you can spare the time and don’t mind my request, please have a play with various crops and pop your favourite version up for view. I'm merely curious about how differnet versions could look rather than being critical of your efforts, no offence intended.

Either way, thank you very much again for returning with this second post. I really appreciate it.

Cheers and happy shooting…

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