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jcr1 wrote:

As I said in a previous post, I've found the Oly 60mm lens excellent for portraits. But I'd really like to pursue macro photography.

Here are a few of my initial attempts;

I feel I have a lot to learn!

These have been processed to a certain extent. I've tried Focus Stacking - but I'm a bit unsure about it. From what I read, Bracketing and then stacking the photos in Photo Shop or something similar is better. The site I was looking at said that the 8 images produced in Focus Stacking is not enough for macro work - need more like 15 or so?

What do people think is the best way to go about this macro photography with my new 60 mm lens?

Built-in focus stacking works fine in controlled settings of relatively flat subjects like this coin I focus-stacked when extremely bored a couple of weeks ago.

However, whether focus-stacked or focus-bracketed, an insect in motion will move significantly during the 8+ exposures, unlike the coin that politely remained still.

My guess is this is Japanese, anyone have a clue? Translation?

So, if you do try focus-stacking or focus-bracketing with a moving subject, I wouldn't depend on it, so one of the photographs used to create the stack/bracket might be better than the end result.

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