New XH1 owner - AF lens for video needed

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Re: New XH1 owner - AF lens for video needed

RyanMichael wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am the proud new owner of an X-H1 with battery grip, Fringer adapter, Viltrox focal reducer, all to go with my existing collection of Canon EF lenses. So far, so good, and I am quite happy with my purchase, however I was wondering if someone could recommend one or two general purpose native lenses to complement my setup, with the focus on shooting video - smooth and accurate autofocus is top on my list; I can use my Canon lenses when I will shoot manual focus. (So far the AF with Canon lenses on the Fringer for video has not been at the level I want it to be.) I was thinking one standard zoom (perhaps the 18-55 2.8-4, or the 16-55 2.8), as well as a prime (in the range of 16mm to 35mm). I would also consider the Sigma 18-35 1.8 in Canon EF mount if the AF is great as a single solution, but the emphasis is on useable AF, not sure how well it will work with the Fringer. Any recommendations are very much appreciated, looking forward to using my new setup!


Hi Ryan,

Your best bet is probably a lens with an LM motor, so either the 18-55 or 16-55, with my personal recommendation being to get the 16-55 if you want the absolute best performance. Nonetheless be aware of the fact that the 18-55 has a brighter t-stop value at the wide end than the 16-55, due to the amount of elements in the 16-55. The 18-55 is also lighter, smaller and cheaper, but lacks a constant aperture f/2.8.

Also be aware, that you may not get a satisfactory level of tracking AF (I suppose that's what you're after) on the X-H1, even with the 16-55. I'm personally fine with the performance, but you may have different standards. Just something to keep in mind, before you make a final purchase.

Hope this helped.

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