Holding on to the 200-500mm 5.6 after acquiring the 500mm 5.6 prime?

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Re: Holding on to the 200-500mm 5.6 after acquiring the 500mm 5.6 prime?

Ricardo00 wrote:

jeffnles1 wrote:

Other than being significantly lighter and a little sharper, I'm not sure the benefit of the lens outshines the cost of what I have to give up to get it.


Not sure my 500mm PF is any sharper than my 500mm f/5.6, but it does focus faster. When I am trying to capture a bird in flight or moving animal, every fraction of a second faster focus can mean the difference in getting a shot or not. Whether this is worth the extra cost, is something only you can decide. Most people I know (including my wife) think I am crazy to spend so much on photo gear when the camera in my phone can be used for most shots.

Fortunately, my wife is also a wildlife and nature photographer.  She still thinks I'm crazy but that's what wives are for I guess.

Thanks.  I do shoot some birds in flight but mostly I shoot a variety.  My favorite subjects are whitetail deer, reptiles and amphibians, insects (butterflies mostly), wildflowers, intimate landscapes (tightly focused in specific parts of landscapes like trees in the forest), etc.  Birds in flight are a pretty small part of my library maybe because the 200-500 doesn't focus fast enough???  
If I had to give up one lens, I would give up the 200-500 before I gave up my 105mm Nikkor Micro (macro).

Thanks again for the evaluation.  Makes me feel a little better about putting off the purchase a while longer.

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