Holding on to the 200-500mm 5.6 after acquiring the 500mm 5.6 prime?

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Re: Holding on to the 200-500mm 5.6 after acquiring the 500mm 5.6 prime?

Alpha Lyrae wrote:

For those of you who acquired a Nikkor 500mm 5.6 prime over the last few years, how many of you held onto your 200-500mm? Of course, this is all subjective as some may sell the 200 to 500 to finance another purchase or something else in life but has anyone held onto it and or came back to it for any reason? I shoot wildlife 95% of the time as well.

Ever since I obtained the 500mm 5.6 prime, it's all I've been using and the 200-500mm has been sitting at home. When I was using the 200 to 500mm, I was shooting at 500mm at least 90% of the time. Part of me wants to sell it but the other part of me thinks that it could still be useful in other situations where something in the 200-450mm will suffice. Just looking for opinions as there is no right or wrong answer to a question like this. Thanks in advance!

I think the "right" answer might depend on what other lenses you own that might cover the other focal lengths that the 200-500mm offers.

In my own case, I sold my 200-500mm when I bought the 500mm PF, but I had the shorter (than 500mm) focal lengths covered pretty well with the 300mm PF, 70-200mm and two TC's that were already in my kit.

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