Carl Zeiss Flektagon 35 2.4 on Z7

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Re: Carl Zeiss Flektagon 35 2.4 on Z7

steppenwolfer wrote:

I finally decided to get M42 adapter for Nikon Z. Finally adapter arrived and I went for a walk yesterday to try it out. It has been a long time since I used manual lens and I find infinity stop really great feature. Now I understand people complaining about this on modern focus wire lenses. Naturally it is completely another matter to catch 4 year old, which is unable to stay still for more than half second. Especially If I want to take photo with wide open lens.

Anyway, here are 3 examples, taken at infinity at f8 (photos developed from RAW with C1pro 21 with defaults and sunny WB):

To me lens seems really sharp in center and loose sharpness about half way (~60%) from center. But all in all, I could easily use this lens for my photography, as long as no pixel peeping is involved.

Nice shots!

I had it briefly, in Praktica B guise, and I really liked its close focus ability. Unfortunately the focus ring felt as if the grease had dried out. I don't trust my ability to disassemble (or rather reassemble) so I didn't keep it.

(Later, since I had accuired the Practica B adapter that worked well I got a tele Praktica lens, also a  well renowned Zeiss aus Jena (300/4) and it suffered from the exact same thing. The Aus Jena 135 3,5 I acquired long ago had the precise same issue so so maybe no more Zeiss aus Jena for me   )

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