The Agfa Clack revived

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Ulrik Christiansen
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The Agfa Clack revived

Hi all

While I have been having great fun using my dads Mamiya c220, another camera has erupted; This time my moms old Agfa Clack. She had it with her to Switzerland when she was working there as an au pair.

Most of you probably know more about the Clack than me. Yesterday I read up on it and it has a shutter speed of 1/35 (more or less), a 95mm lens (f/11 or f/13) and it shoots 120 film in 6x9 format. So, I planned to load a roll of Delta 100 the next morning and drive around the northern part of Sjælland in Denmark.

Then, because I was really excited to test the thing out, and also because it was late and I was feeling funny after drinking a Belgian chocolade stout with a rather high alcohol percentage, I promptly made a still life image of the camera, for no other reason:

The background is a page from a danish youth magazine called "Tempo". Published 1961.

This morning I went out for 3 hours and came back with 8 exposures. I had decided to use my tripod for all images, which would also allow me to use a cable release if needed. But the weather was such that my lightmeter said around 1/30 for all of them.

I came back and immediately screwed up. I wound the film all the way and opened the box. The film was not rolled tightly enough around the receiving spool. I quickly covered the roll and dumped it in my darkroom back while cursing myself for not having removed the roll inside the bag to start with.

Oh well, I threw it in Rodinal 1:50 for 14 minutes. The light pollution was obvious and present on the developed negatives around the rim and furthermore, everything look a bit underexposed.

After going through the V550 scanner and some edits (read: seriously heavy repair work) in Capture One, these are the 4 images that I should be happy to end up with.

Has anyone else used the Agfa Clack, and if so, what are your experiences?

Notes for next time, as of now :

I have to make sure that I don't underexpose.

Do not remove the film outside the darkroom bag! Grrr...

Have a very nice weekend everyone!

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