Holding on to the 200-500mm 5.6 after acquiring the 500mm 5.6 prime?

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Re: Holding on to the 200-500mm 5.6 after acquiring the 500mm 5.6 prime?

I’ve purchased the 500 PF and kept my 200-500. I’ve been on the fence about selling it, but have been fortunate to be in a position that I could keep both. I seldom use it, and if forced to sell one, it would be the 200-500. I shoot mostly birds these days and the 500 PF is the better lens for most of my bird shooting.

But there are three situations where I really appreciate the 200-500. One is shooting birds and wildlife from inside my vehicle on wildlife drives. I appreciate the zoom for close-in subjects while also having the 500mm reach. Second is when shooting BIF where individuals or groups of birds may come in very close and can best be captured by zooming out. I’ll often do this handheld when shooting from the back of my vehicle and having quick access to my other camera body and long prime with a TC, which is sometimes mounted on a tripod. Third is for closeup shooting in fields and gardens where the 7’ MFD is appreciated (versus about 10’ for the PF). In such controlled situations, I’ll often add a 1.4x TC for increased magnification, steadied by the len’s excellent VR. But this type of closeup shooting is closely rivaled by the 300mm PF and 1.4x TC.


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