Dagor 8 1/4 f6.8 circa 1910

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Re: Dagor 8 1/4 f6.8 circa 1910

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Thanks - an interesting concept but somewhere i have not been in lens owmership.My oldest working lens is a 1937-ish FED 100/6.0 in LTM which of course is easily adapted.

I am so surprised something from 1910 or earlier can produce nice images. Not practical at all. I would need a hood too. But doesn’t take a lot of time to experiment. Some gaffer tape and you are good to experiment and use them.

The “aperture is the shutter. I just put a strip of gaffer of different thicknesses and I stop down a bit.

This lens would be an ultra wide in Long Format. Given the tiny FF sensor it becomes a 210mm lens. One interesting project would be to do it tilt and shift, plus a bellows that is as wide as possible inside near the mount (directly to E, but RF and Z would be better). Sony made the same mistake as Exacta and will cost them in the future.

Curious about the vignette - if the lens has such a wide exposed surface coverage - there must be something restricting the the image circle.

Yes, it’s the small diameter of the mounts. If the lens rear sits close to the mount the lens rays don’t get blocked. If the lens rear element sits 9 inches away from it, it has no path to the corners. If you have any bellow, you don’t even need a lens to see this. Just try to see the corners of the camera sensor from all positions. In this case, it’s a bit worst because the adapters are further and further away from the sensor.

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Tom Caldwell

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